CleanTech 400

Handwashing Station

  • Optional manual or foot pedal faucet
  • Deeper handwash cylinders to wash to elbows
  • Wall-Mount, counter-mount or stainless steel table mount
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CleanTech 400 Handwashing Station

The CleanTech 400 Series is a handwashing station designed for medium sized operations and for operations where the ease of CleanTech is desired but there could be the need for debris removal as well. The 400 station features an optional faucet for convenience when dual use sinks are needed. Designed for frequent use, the CleanTech 400 holds two, 4 Liter containers of soap allowing for 1,600 handwashes before change is needed.


  • Extremely versatile with many options
  • Designed for high-volume locations
  • Standard in-counter configuration
  • Handwash compliance monitor
  • Two one-gallon soap bottles
  • Visible soap-out indicator

Recommended Markets

The CleanTech ELF 400 is doing the dirty work in several different markets. Visit your market for more insight into other available Meritech solutions.

Health Care/Medical Pharma/Medical Device Clean Room Food Service Cruise Lines Colleges/Universities Away From Home

Available Options

  • Wall-mount
  • Solutions enclosure for security
  • Manual faucet
  • Foot pedal faucet
  • Stainless steel table mount
  • Resettable compliance monitor
  • Prison Model available