The Bootwasher Sanitizing System (MBW2)

Bootwashing System

The MBW2 Boot Washer Series is the most compact and effective boot scrubbing/sanitizing system on the market. Constructed of heavy-duty stainless steel, the units are designed to be easy to use and easy to clean. The MBW2 is available in soles-only and standard soles/sides/tops configurations. In addition, the vertical brushes are available in 3, 6 and 12 inch heights to accommodate any boot configuration. The Meritech Bootwasher is ideal for placement at all entrances to production areas or as allergen control devices between processing operations.

MBW2 Meritech Bootwasher

The MBW2 is designed to provide quick hygiene and highly effective boot washings and sanitizing in the workplace. For convenience and efficiency, the Meritech Bootwasher was created to clean both boots simultaneously. Compact and affordable, the MBW2 is one of the most affordable and efficient boot scrubbing systems on the market.

MBW2personBootwasher Sanitizing Hygiene Benefits:

The Meritech Bootwasher is ideal for placement at all entrances into production areas to minimize the risk of work place contamination. Each Bootwasher is complete with handrails as well as long lasting Nylon brushes to scrub boot tops and sides. Vertical brushes are available in 3, 6 and 9 inch heights. A Nylon power brush scrubs hard-to-clean boot soles. The unit is activated by a pushbutton control located on the handrail.

Stainless Steel, Corrosion-Resistant - The MBW2 can be installed in wet, cold environments where sanitation is performed. This system uses corrosion-resistant components inside and out (NEMA 4X or 6 rated). Heavy duty industrial brushes, and high grade, high impact grating provide a durable, slip resistant surface.

Standard Electrical and Plumbing Connections - The MBW2 requires a standard water supply, floor drain and an electrical outlet. Water inlet should be 3/4 inch, 40 PSI and 4 GPM minimum. A one inch drain stub is provided. The system draws 8 AMPS at 110 VAC.

Sanitizer - The MBW2 automatically mixes the quaternary ammonium sanitizer (Self-Clean) with the incoming water supply and then sprays the mixture onto the brushes that contact the boots. This sanitizer/water mixture keeps the brushes, boots, catch pan and drain tube clean. A floor drain is required to drain the catch pan.

download the MBW2 information sheet here

Other Specifications:

DIMENSIONS 35" wide x 69" deep x 50" high WEIGHT 250 lbs.

download the MBW2 information sheet here

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