Food Processing & Agriculture Hand Hygiene Products

Our food handling and food processing automatic handwashing equipment and hand hygiene solutions are in use in a variety of agricultural and food processing industries - from poultry farms to produce packaging operations. For high volume facilities with a large number of employees, our ProTech line of hand and boot hygiene washing systems provide the ideal solution and a very quick return on your investment.

For facilities that are seeking a precise, point of use solution to automated hand washing hygiene, our CleanTech line of products gives you an environmentally friendly approach to HACCP and SSOP compliance. See our Products section for detailed description of all of our hygiene equipment. Also meets SQF standards for hand washing.

Customer Testimonials - food handling/production/safety

Our 4000S handwashing stations are a key component of our GMPs and helped us achieve a Superior AIB rating.  We know, without a doubt, that all of our employees have properly washed and sanitized their hands every time they enter our packing rooms.  We now have tens of thousands of handwashes with these stations and have not had any mechanical issues.  Our employees like the machines, and they serve as a constant reminder of our commitment to food safety.”

Brock Middleton –Controller, Alpine Pacific Nut Co.

Two years ago, Berks Packing Co., Inc. purchased our first 'Meritech' handwashing system. We were using hand dip stations and it was difficult to have the employees submerge their hands into a cold sanitizer. Since the installation of the CleanTech¨system there has been a positive change in employee hygiene and willingness to comply with Berks sanitation standards. We were pleased with the first unit [so] we recently installed a second unit in another critical packaging operation.

Sue Kreiser -Q.C. Supervisor, Berks Packing Co., Inc.

"The employees really like using the unit, as it makes handwashing and sanitizing fun. The compliance monitor really helps track how frequently hands are being sanitized. I personally have witnessed a severe decrease in our microbiological test results as well as an increase in the shelf stability of our products. I would highly recommend the Meritech 500EZ hand sanitizer to anyone dealing with the frustration of poor handwashing compliance."

Frank A. Sulluce, R.S. -Quality Assurance Manager, Freshpro

With the purchase of this unit we have found we have purchased more than just the wash station. We have found a group of people who stand behind the product they sell. People at Meritech have continually come in to service the machine just to see how its doing. We were pleased with the purchase of our unit. In fact since our purchase, other locations at Ben & Jerry's have added the CleanTech® 2000S to their facilities.

Robert L. Davison -Quality Assurance Manager, Ben & Jerry's Springfield Plant

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