Controlled Access For Fail-Safe Employee Hygiene Control

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Golden, Colorado Meritech, manufacturer of the world’s only fully automated handwashing and footwear sanitizing systems has developed an industry best controlled access employee hygiene system (CleanTech 2000SCA) for guaranteed handwashing and footwear sanitizing prior to entry into “hygiene zones”. The systems are equipped with ingress and egress locking turnstile which prevent entry, exit or both unless a full and effective hygiene process has taken place. The Meritech Cleantech handwashing system incorporates a fully automated twelve-second touchless handwash that removes 99.98% of all dangerous pathogens — exceeding SQF, BRC and cGMP standards – and can also incorporate fully automated footwear sanitizing.

Designed to prevent cross contamination of product and to keep dangerous pathogens out of production zones, the Controlled Access feature only unlocks the turnstile after the full twelve-second handwash and footwear sanitizing cycle is complete.

“In an environment where it is critical to minimize any cross contamination and make sure employees are washing their hands and sanitizing shoes and boots, the controlled access CleanTech handwashing solution is ideal,” Michele Colbert, VP said, “Our customers asked for a fail-safe way to control employee hygiene. We are proud that this solution does just that – prevents access to safe zones in food production facilities unless a full hygiene event has occurred which is 100% effective every time.”

Optional boot sanitizing pan or air curtain integration is available to customize the CleanTech handwashing systems for your facilities. With the CleanTech 2000S Controlled Access in your critical production areas and gain fail-safe employee hygiene control.

About Meritech

Meritech is the world’s only manufacturer of fully automated handwashing systems that effectively wash hands in twelve seconds. Meritech offers a complete line of NSF certified, fully automated hand washing and footwear hygiene systems that provide the only technology-based approach to employee hygiene in the world. Meritech helps companies with their employee hygiene, bioburden control, and infection prevention programs in a wide variety of markets, including cleanroom manufacturing, food production, restaurants, theme parks, cruise lines, and more.

Video links to view products in action:
View a video of controlled access CleanTech Handwashing System here.
For the video gallery visit the Meritech website here.

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